The Next Kevin Spacey Film Won’t Star Kevin Spacey

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 Yes, that's Kevin Spacey

Yes, that's Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has become cancerous faster than a bed made of running microwaves. It’s with good reason, the actor has been accused of some truly disturbing behavior. As we have seen with so many in this great Hollywood purge, Spacey is as good as done. We knew he wouldn’t be cast in anything else but what about his upcoming films already in the can? They’re surely compromised, right?

Not if you ask Ridley Scott. Scott, whose upcoming All The Money In The World co-stars Spacey, isn’t letting the actor’s crimes affect his film. Hell no, he’s getting proactive and editing Spacey out of the movie only weeks before its release. To achieve this massive feat, Scott has cast Christopher Plummer (his first choice for the part) to replace Spacey as J. Paul Getty (you can see Spacey in character above. Good make-up!). Co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams have also agreed to do some reshoots so Plummer’s performance isn’t delivered to a tennis ball on a stick in front of a green screen.

This is unprecedented. All The Money is scheduled to premiere on December 22 and all signs indicate it’ll still make it. Re-shooting Spacey’s scenes will start immediately with Scott and crew working overtime to splice everything together. You can bet this be a topic addressed repeatedly when the stars do their press junket next month.

And with that, we can pretty much say Kevin Spacey’s career is undoubtably done. This is good news, the industry is undergoing a healthy evolution that is painful but so very important. This is a message to all people working in Hollywood who think they can get away abusing others. As Ridley Scott has proven, you are expendable. Even if you’re a two-time Oscar winner, you can and will be exercised in a heartbeat. This is a news story about technological advances, cast shake-ups and movie-making as a business but it’s also about Hollywood hopefully growing up and doing the right thing. That feels good.