American McGee Launches New Game Campaign

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American McGee is back with a brand new project. The game developer is best known for his take on Lewis Carroll's Alice books, id Software’s classic shooter Quake and multiple other games released under his Spicy Horse studio label. The man is a tireless source of creative energy, and every now and again he brings us a new and exciting property. This is one of those times.

Out of the Woods is a tabletop card game, storybook and art print collection. Already the project has drawn attention from thousands of American McGee followers. The premise is simple and the game itself looks to be fun and engaging. This is perfect timing considering how popular card games and board games are becoming again. I could easily see this becoming a hit with gamers of all ages.

I’ve backed American McGee projects in the past and I’ve followed his work for years. His Alice games are still as great as ever, and even his lesser known titles like Akaneiro and The Gate have been fun to play over the years. Grimm is a game I haven’t had much time with, but I’m always down for some dark representations of classic folklore. That’s probably my biggest draw to Out of the Woods.

The whole project revolves around ten classic folktales that will be included in the game and the book. Playing the game looks and sounds easy once you get the hang of how the cards are separated and what their functions are. Think about Uno meets the Brothers Grimm and you’ve got the gist of it. The book serves as a complement to the game but also stands alone as its own beast. Each of the stories are written by American McGee with the help of longtime collaborator R. J. Berg who also worked on the Alice series.

There are plenty of cool incentives to get involved in this campaign aside from just the game and the book. A poster print series is available to add on top of any pledge, and there’s even a coloring book of the art from the project. Personally, I’d like to see this kick off a demand for more video games themed around these stories. Check out the campaign and throw down. It looks like good, dark and twisted fun.


Out of the Woods is now live on Kickstarter located HERE