Five Things We Want to See in Friday the 13th: The Game

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If you are a fan of the franchise and you haven't played Friday the 13th: The Game, what the hell is wrong with you? Get it. Play it. Then come back and read this article. For the rest of you out there who are just as obsessed with this game as I am, here are five things I'd like to see them do to improve and or add to the game.

Punishment For People Intentionally Exiting The Game

Tell me if this has happened to you before: You've been playing down to the wire, you've racked up a lot of experience. If you're Jason, you might be down to one last counselor, or if it's the other way around you're just inches away from escape. Suddenly, the host of the game terminates the game because they don't like the outcome. Not only does it suddenly terminate the game, you don't collect any of the experience. We had kids like that in school, they didn't like the fact that they were losing the game, so they run home with the ball. Since suffering the wrath of Jason is out of reach, I think these sort of sore losers need to be penalized for their conduct.

If the game is about to end, and the host suddenly terminates the game, not only should all players get their experience, any experience the host player earned should be divided up among the other players. Which would be a good way of discouraging it. However, it should be taken a step further. If you do this, you should be awarded an asshole badge:

 Suggested Design

Suggested Design

The badge should add a handicap that prevents the player from being Jason, and gives the other players excessive handicaps that give them the benefit over the offending player. Say, Jason can see where that person is on the map, or they can't get into a car to escape, etc.

 New Killers

This one should be a given with most fans out there. Sure, it's fun being Jason, but let's not forget that his mother Pamela was the original killer of this franchise. I'd love to see not just a Pamela Voorhees character, but also her "zombified" self from Friday the 13th Part 3. Also, I'd love to see them to make Roy, the fake Jason from Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning . Let's also not forget Uber Jason from Jason X.

Also, they shouldn't just be just a reskinned Jason or have the same objectives. Naturally, Pamela and Roy would have different shrines. Pamela should have all the abilities that a camp counselor has, including fixing devices, but also disconnecting them and causing other forms of sabotage that Jason doesn't. Whereas I'd have it so that Roy could frame someone for the killings so when they call the police for help, that player gets shot at as though they are Jason.

Locations That Aren't By the Lake

While the majority of the Friday films take place around Crystal Lake, there is a few that aren't. As much as I can commend the designers for their attention to detail, playing the same three camp sites gets repetitive after a while. New levels shouldn't just be more of the same either, they should have different objectives or variations on game play. Here would be my picks:

The Boat - Jason Takes Manhattan

While the boat in Jason Takes Manhattan is one of the biggest disappointments of the whole movie, you have to admit that it would make for a cool level to play in the game. The objectives would be different, naturally, considering it's on a boat. Killing Jason would be different since there would be no cabin with Pamela's head. I'd envision the level as having the following possibilities:

Means of Escape: You could escape in a life boat, or calling the coast guard to come and rescue you. 

Killing Jason: Set the ship to explode, and get out on a life boat before it explodes with you on board.

The Vorhees Home - Jason Goes to Hell

Voorhees Home.jpg

An obvious location would be the Voorhees House in Jason Goes to Hell. Again, not a popular movie, but an awesome idea for a level. This one would also have a twist as Jason's shanty isn't around. Instead, the level starts with Jason's physical body being blown up. Instead of being in his own body, Jason is the little critter that is in the movie. It's objective is to get be reborn through the body of a Voorhees woman. In order to get around easier, it can take possession of other players, but those bodies burn out, requiring a switch. Players need to summon Kreigton Duke and Jessica Kimble. Duke needs to recover the special knife to kill Jason, give it to Kimble, who is the only one who can use it to kill Jason. Also, there's no escaping

The Grendle - Jason X

This one would be more or less like other levels but with the obvious twists. You can still have Jason's home in the virtual reality simulator. Also, Jason could have the option of being upgraded to Jason X (unlocking the character for players to use), there could be a whole routine you have to do to accomplish it. There would be other, location specific means of escape: Out an escape pod, calling for help and being rescued by a ship, setting the ship to self-destruct and escape into space (in a space suit, obviously). 


 The unsung hero of the entire franchise

The unsung hero of the entire franchise

This might sound weird, but how fun could it be to play Muffin, the dog from Friday the 13th Part 2? Since Jason doesn't kill animals, the whole point to playing Muffin would be to run interference for other players. The dog's movements and barks mess with Jason's tracking abilities. If the dog approaches Jason, he pauses for a moment to regard the dog, another way to distract him. 

However, Muffin would have to have some limitations: Like it would start barking if it sees another player who is in a heightened state of fear, giving away their location. Also, while Jason can't kill the dog, it can't suffer misadventures by way of bear traps or getting run over by a car. Fireworks going off cause Muffin to bolt off in the other direction. You know, typical things dogs would do. Councilors could also accidentally kill Muffin, but doing so works against the player like maybe the dog's blood make them easier to track.

Well, that's my wishlist. If you have any ideas for game features you'd like in this game, dare to dream and write in the comment section below