Chucky From the 'Child's Play' Reboot Has Beautiful Baby Blues

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If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably forgotten that there is a Child’s Play reboot currently in the works. It’s a little odd because the Child’s Play franchise, while not as popular as it once was, is still going strong. Hell, there was a Chucky movie only last year.

But MGM and Orion want to reboot the whole thing because of course they do so now we have one on the way, starring Aubrey Plaza as a mother who buys a Chucky doll for her son (Gabriel Bateman) and then quickly realizes that she should have kept the receipt.

Below we have our first look at little Chucky and, well, he looks like Chucky.


There he is! Big, blue bright eyes, red hair, freckle and cute little round cheeks. Of course he’s also holding a knife so his boyish charm is quickly lost. All in all, he looks a lot like the original Chucky. No one expected them to reinvent the wheel here, of course new Chucky is going to resemble old Chucky. More concerning is the fact that Brad Dourif won’t be the voice of the little guy. Plus the eagerness of MGM and Orion to toss the past films by the wayside isn’t very promising either. And how will this reboot conflict with other Chucky films from the original film makers? Creator Don Mancini and series producer David Kirschner are trying to make more Child’s Play as well as a TV series too. They show no signs of slowing down. But now they’re going to have to compete with a new Chucky?

Oy, this is all so confusing.