James Gunn is Completely Overhauling ‘Suicide Squad 2’

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Here’s something you thought I’d never say: you should be (cautiously) excited for  Suicide Squad 2. I know, I know, how can anyone be even remotely interested in a sequel to that whole mess? 

Here’s how: by reading this latest news about the film:

  • The film is now titled  The Suicide Squad 
  • James Gunn will not only write the film but will also direct  
  • Gunn is pitching the film as a relaunch of the series rather than a sequel. He is setting up a brand new cast of characters and is taking things in a different direction. So long, Jared Leto.  

See, you can be intrigued by  The Suicide Squad. 

Gunn, as we all know, was fired from  Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 by Marvel after a series of offensive tweets surfaced last year. Despite your opinion on the man and his work, his firing felt overblown and like a knee-jerk reaction by Marvel and Disney. Since his firing,  Guardians has been put on an indefinite hiatus as the rest of the MCU moves on. 

There was little doubt that Gunn would work again, it was just a matter of when and on what. Seeing him hop from a Marvel property to a DC one makes sense, especially since  Squad feels so similar to  Guadians. DC is obviously hoping for a movie like Gunn’s last superhero outing. Me, I’m just hoping for something way, way better than the first  Suicide Squad.  I’m guessing both DC and I will walk away happy. 

The  Suicide Squad franchise has a lot of promise. It was such a letdown when the first film failed so, so hard. The series needs someone who can make it lively, fun and can bring us some comic book misfits we care about. Gunn has done it before. Can he do it again?

 The Suicide Squad hits theaters August 2021.