‘Onward’ Trailer: Pixar’s Tale of Brotherly Love has Legs

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…And ONLY legs!

Above we have a new trailer for Pixar’s upcoming family comedy Onward. It’s…well, it’s definitely different. The film follows a pair of elf brothers who attempt to resurrect their dead father for a single day and end up bringing back…his legs. Just his legs. They screw up the spell and only revive his bottom half and then must race against time to bring back the rest of him.

While the premise sounds silly (it is), the trailer suggests that Pixar has something special here. The voice acting, featuring Marvel buds Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, is spot-on and the comedy seems to work. Plus while the idea itself seems a bit weird, you can bet that the film will be packed with family drama and emotion that’ll likely bring a tear to your eye. Pixar handling daddy issues and death? Yeah, this will probably make you cry no matter how whacky the trailer is.

To prove that this trailer isn’t a joke and that the film’s main premise really will revolve around two brothers and a pair of legs, Pixar released the poster below. See, they’re dead serious about the plot. And, you know what, I’m into it.

Onward opens on March 6.