Well, I Guess I Want to See a Pokémon Movie Now

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I’ve never been a Pokémon fan. Nor have I really been a Ryan Reynolds fan. So you can color me very surprised because I’m actually intrigued by this latest trailer for  Detective Pikachu . It looks fun, family-friendly, colorful and genuinely amusing. Yes, I want to see a Pokémon movie. These are all sentences I never thought I’d write.

See for yourself:

You can’t deny that it’s a damn good looking film. It might not be great but it certainly looks great. The animation, the character and production design - it all looks supremely polished. And, shoot, Ryan Reynolds’s voice works as Pikachu. It fits! And the little yellow dude looks so cute! Again, these sentences are shocking me as I write them.

I’m willing to admit I was wrong.  Detective Pikachu looks good. What a world. 

The film hits theaters on May 10 and you can bet it’s going to absolutely dominate the box office.