It Sounds Like Hugh Jackman Is Really Done Playing Wolverine

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There are a couple X-Men films lined up right now because of course there are. One of these films, New Mutants, looks promising and different. The other, Dark Phoenix, looks like the same sort of X-Men movie we have been slogging through for ages. And what do both of these movies lack? Wolverine. 

That’s because Hugh Jackman has repeatedly said he’s hung up his claws and is no longer playing the iconic role after Logan. That’s a good call because Logan was downright fantastic and a perfect swan song for the character. But with the X-Men about to be brought into the MCU fold thanks to the Fox-Disney merger, what are the chances that Marvel will be able to woo Jackman back to suit up alongside other massively popular characters in the MCU? 

According to /Film, the chances are still pretty slim. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says Jackman is seriously done. She says the physical demands of the role have become too much for an aging Jackman and that Marvel honcho Kevin Feige is looking for a younger Logan.


 “Yes, because Hugh, just the physicality of it all, just to bulk up,” she said. “This man worked so hard to bulk up, would get up at four in the morning to bulk and eat protein meals every two hours because his natural state, they used to call him Worm when he was a kid. So his natural state is a very skinny guy. Once you reach a certain age, the body just won’t go anymore. I think he was wise to say, ‘I’m at that point. I can’t do it.’ Now, that doesn’t mean he can’t come back as older Wolverine. You never know. Future Wolverine, you never know.”

Notice how she leaves the door open at the end for the return of an older Wolverine? Now, that’s a smart producer right there. But the point stands that Jackman seems retired from the role. And good for him, honestly. He has given a lot to the franchise. It made him a star, sure, but he’s also explored that character in practically every way possible. Would it be fun to see Jackman alongside Iron Man and Spidey and other various big screen behemoths? Of course but why not let a good thing end when it’s reached its natural conclusion?


What I feel is more likely than a returning Jackman is a new Wolverine - and soon. With Avengers: Endgame putting the cap on years of storyline, Marvel and Disney are looking ahead. If they cast a new, young Logan soon, they can debut him in the first proper MCU X-Men film, build up some hype and then drop him smack-dab in the middle of whatever comes next for The Avengers. I bet that will bring in a few more viewers, bringing the total audience count to, oh, 18 billion people.

The more I think of it, the more I want Jackman to stick to his guns and truly retire from playing Wolverine. He’s earned it and has poured his heart and soul into the films. Like I said, the character went on in the best way possible so I say it’s time to let it be. Jackman carried the role all this way and is now handing it off to the caring, accomplished hands of Disney. Get some rest, Hugh. 

While we are at it, let’s talk about the next Wolverine. I know Disney and Marvel will aim young with casting but can we please, please finally cast Glenn Danzig?