Ayuh, ‘Pet Sematary’ Sure Looks Scary

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 “Tell your dad to invest in a crosswalk”

 “Tell your dad to invest in a crosswalk”

A warning before proceeding: this new trailer for Pet Sematary basically gives away the entire movie, which sucks because the first trailer was such a solid tease. If you’re one of the people who hasn’t read the book or seen the first film adaptation of Stephen King’s charming family tale, I’d advise skipping this one. Bottom line: the movie looks quite promising.  

Okay, for those who stuck around: how about this new trailer for  Pet Sematary? It’s good right? I think it’s good, I like what I see although I harbor some hesitations. It doesn’t get me excited like the trailers for It but it certainly has a few goosebump moments (“Hug your daughter”) and I’m finding myself quite comfortable with the major changes made to King’s story. 

I won’t get into the massive change too much to avoid spoilers but it seems that the choice filmmakers have made will allow for more drama, better acting and something more menacing. That being said, I bet some fans are a bit sour about the alteration. You know who isn’t sour? King himself, who has been giddy about this film for months. To be fair, he’s giddy about nearly all adaptations of his work. He’s just a giddy, happy guy!

Pet Sematary sure as hell doesn’t look giddy or happy. Oh no, it looks like quite the opposite. The book was so heavy with a sense of oncoming dread and death, I felt uncomfortable from the very beginning. I hope the movie is able to replicate  that mood. This is a dark, heartbreaking story and deserves an adaptation that captures that. This second trailer makes me think we might be in luck. 

Pet Sematary shambles into theaters on April 5.