Fred Savage Is Hosting an After-Show...for a Series That Doesn't Exist

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The after-show is a complicated pop culture phenomenon. They might seem like a waste to some but to die-hard fans, the after-show is a welcome, cathartic experience and a way to summarize, reflect and  chat about something they love. I just wish they had after-shows for the series I watch. I will not rest until there is an after-show following every episode of My 600-Lb Life!

Even if you love after-shows, you have to admit that they can be pretty damn silly. The whole concept is masturbatory, excessive and ample for satire. Satirizing after-shows is exactly what Fred Savage is going to do on his new after-show: What Just Happened??!. It’ll air on Fox starting in June and will focus on the latest episodes of the sci-fi series The Moon is the Sun At Night. What is The Moon is the Sun At Night, you may ask? Well, it’s a fictional show based on a fictional sci-if book by a fictional author.

That’s right, Fred Savage is hosting an after-show for a series that doesn’t even exist. 

What Just Happened??! is a pretty brilliant comedic concept. It’s about time someone satirizes the after-show concept and what better way to do that then to create a parody one for a show that no one will ever see. Part of me worries it’ll feel like a SNL sketch stretched out too long but another part of me thinks this is a splendid idea that is actually kind of brave for a major network like Fox. My only hope is that it really leans into the absurdity of its concept. 

Fred Savage has actually done quite well for himself in the comedy world recently. The former Wonder Years star has directed episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Cool Kids, 2 Broke Girls and The Conners. He isn’t in front of the camera much anymore but America still recognizes him and his comedy chops hold up after all these years. I can definitely see him poking fun at the high-energy, charismatic, Patrick Bateman-esque personality that a certain after-show host is known for...