Wesley Snipes Is Gonna Beat the Crap out of Some Zombies

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Sometimes a headline is all you need, huh?

I guess I should explain. Proven badass Wesley Snipes isn’t going to actually kill hordes of zombies in the real world. But he will slaughter legions of undead for his new film. However, if an actual zombie outbreak occurs, I will definitely call on Snipes to assist me. I think he’s one of the only celebrities who would come in handy when the undead rise.

THR says Snipes will produce AND star in Outbreak Z, an action film to be directed by fight choreographer Chris Brewster. The plot concerns “two SWAT officers on a desperate hunt through an overrun college campus in search of a man who holds a vaccine to a zombie virus.” As expected, Snipes will play one of the SWAT officers. Also as expected, he’ll likely sling some one-liners and probably cut a head or two off. Maybe he’ll even say something like “Now you’re gonna zom-BE dead.” Hell, this thing writes itself!


After serving his time in prison, Snipes has been slowly but surely getting work in Hollywood again. He is scheduled to next star in Eddie Murphy’s Dolemite is my Name! He’ll also star in RZA’S Cut Throat City. Even though he hasn’t been on screen as much lately, his reputation as a peculiar and tough slayer of vampires, airline hijackers and other random ne’er-de-wells isn’t up for dispute. In fact it seems that Snipes status as a genuine badass has only strengthened in recent years. Surely killing loads of zombies will only help with that image.

I know we’ve had far too many zombie films and TV shows recently but you have to admit that you’re on board to see Wesley Snipes take care of a few himself. Maybe it’ll start a trend of Snipes battling various movie monsters. That’s a Hollywood trend I can get behind.