‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer: I Didn’t Know I Wanted This Movie until Now

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I’m not going to lie: I had little to no interest in a Top Gun sequel. I’ve never been a massive fan of the original and I’m slightly uncomfortable with how it glorifies the military plus the original film feels so of a certain time and place. I don’t see what we have to gain from a sequel.

But I will admit I was wrong because after this first trailer for Top Gun: Maverick I am totally sold. Something about this trailer just does it for me, it’s expertly made and hits all the right spots for a sequel 30-some years in the making. Surprisingly one of the things I like most about what I see here is how director Joseph Kosinski has deftly recreated the style of Tony Scott. Maverick looks and feels like an 80s movie. That cinematography alone just oozes 1980s action to me. But it doesn’t seem like a parody or mimic, it comes off as a true companion piece to the first movie. Kosinski has his work cut out for him and the first glimpses of the movie above are very, very promising.

Then there’s the high-flying action teased in the trailer. Exciting! And the glimpses of the cast. Impressive! And Tom Cruise once again riding his motorcycle alongside a plane. Typical!

Yes, this is a trailer and we know nothing of the plot of the film. Like many other sequels, it could totally whiff it. But as far as trailers go, Top Gun: Maverick has come to impress. I feel the need…the need to see this film!