‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Will Contain More Rey Family Drama

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And you thought your family had issue.

There has been a lot of debate about the current Star Wars trilogy. Much of it has been complete nonsense led by obnoxious internet trolls but there has been some legitimate conversation about the plot of the series. For example, people are divided about the identity of Rey’s mysterious parents. When the character was first introduced, many felt we would eventually discover that Rey’s parents were important characters. Maybe she was Luke’s daughter, many thought. Maybe she’s Leia and Han’s other child! Speculation ran rampant and the film suggested we were in for something big.

Then came The Last Jedi and the reveal that Rey’s parents were a couple of nobodies. She didn’t have a fateful, consequential background. She was just a poor kid abandoned by her anonymous parents. It was actually a bit heartbreaking and, in my opinion, a great twist. The lack of a twist was the twist, especially for a franchise that has already had some pretty big shocks. I think it was Rian Johnson’s commentary about the characters, audience expectations and blockbuster filmmaking as a whole. Leave it to Johnson to make a Star Wars film satirical.

Well now we are hearing that the story of Rey’s parents isn’t over yet. Speaking with USA Today, actress Daisy Ridley stated that there is more to come.

(Director J.J. Abrams) did say the question is answered. So at the end of the film, you do know what the dealio is.
— Daisy Ridley

Huh? I thought we already knew what the dealio was. The jury was in! Things were decided! The case was closed on the dealio. I don’t want anymore of this dealio!

What gives? Why are we apparently getting more information about Rey’s parents after such a wonderful story choice in The Last Jedi? Johnson’s plot point was a refreshing and unique change from what was expected so why is Abrams messing with that? Is this a case of the left hand not knowing what the right one is doing? Is it Disney and Abrams bowing to pressure from greasy internet thugs? Or is it still in line with what Johnson did in TLJ?

It would be really disappointing if the trilogy went back on its word and gave us some huge twist about Rey’s parents. Johnson shook things up with The Last Jedi and to reverse that would be a bummer. It wouldn’t ruin this trilogy but it would be a sadly predicable bad call. Don’t let us down, Disney.