Sarah Paulson Won’t Get Scary in ‘American Horror Story: 1984

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There are some things you can always rely on: the Oscars being too long, Florida doing stupid things, Sarah Paulson starring in American Horror Story. Well, let me rephrase that: there are some things you can USUALLY rely on.

Variety is reporting that Paulson won’t have a major role in the next season of FX’s massively-successful Ryan Murphy anthology series. The upcoming season, called American Horror Story: 1984, is set to premiere in September. Like other seasons of the show, we don’t know the plot but we now do know that its series mainstay, Paulson, will hardly be in it if at all.

So what gives? Sarah Paulson has been in every single season of AHS. Why the change of heart? Well, it’s not because she’s dislikes FX because she’s currently working on Mrs. America for the network. She’s also hard at work on Ryan Muprhy’s Ratched for Netflix so she obviously doesn’t have bad blood with Mr. Murphy. Maybe this is just a case of a busy, busy schedule. That’s not surprising since she’s one of the most in-demand actresses on TV. But it’s still a bummer because fans had come to expect Paulson and her intense energy in every episode of AHS. Times have changed, friends. Times have changed.

The news of Paulson’s absence comes after actor Evan Peters announced that he wouldn’t star in 1984, another sizable loss for fans of the series. We’re not really sure why Peters left or if he’ll be back in future seasons but we can assume that Paulson will return at some point, just probably not during 1984.

Now onto the larger question: what will this season of the show be about? Obviously the year 1984 carries a lot of weight with science-fiction and horror fans. The 80s were also a very important period for horror films so there are many avenues this season could go down. But Murphy is keeping tight-lipped as usual so we will just keep guessing until the show debuts. We’re in the dark about everything — except for the fact that we won’t be seeing Sarah Paulson. Damn.