‘The Morning Show’ Trailer Doesn’t Show Much of Anything

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Below we have the teaser trailer for Apple TV+’s The Morning Show and it is most definitely very much a tease.

The series stars Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Reese Witherspoon (who also executive produces) and follows the inner-workings of a highly-rated morning news show. But the program won’t be about the headlines but rather the personal stories around the anchors and producers who make the show happen.

We see next to nothing in this teaser but we sure do hear a lot and based on the voice-overs it sounds like there is a lot of drama behind-the-scenes. The trailer feels very Sorkin-esque with the authentic studio set, the hurried, near-whisper dialogue and, quite frankly, the entire mood and look. While Sorkin’s The Newsroom was far less than stellar, a show about a news program is a great idea. We never learn much about the people who bring us our daily news (well, aside from Matt Lauer…) and we don’t know just how stressful and intense and taxing the job can be. We often don’t even see anchors as people, just vessels to get our daily fix of information. The Morning Show is setting out to prove that there is a lot more below the surface.

This is just one of Apple TV+’s impressive line-up. We’ve already seen the trailer for their other series, For All Mankind, and that also looks promising. Obviously Apple rarely does anything half-assed but will they be as successful at TV as they are at smart watches and phones? Time will tell, though The Morning Show definitely feels like a step in the right direction…even if we haven’t really seen much of it yet

The series debuts this fall.