Bruce Springsteen: Movie Star

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It seems that we have been talking about Bruce Springsteen a lot here at Trouble City. Great! I’ve got no problem discussing one of the greatest American musicians in history. How about this, I’ll stop writing about Bruce Springsteen when he stops being so rad.

Today’s news regards a brand new documentary, Western Stars, that is all about Bruce and just so happens to be co-directed by The Boss too. The film, set to debut at the Toronto Film Festival, has just been acquired by Warner Bros, who plan to release the doc in theaters this fall. 2019, like all years, belongs to Springsteen.

Western Stars will feature Springsteen performing all 13 songs from his latest album, also titled Western Stars. The performance footage will also be accompanied by Springsteen’s narration. If you’re familiar with Springsteen then you know the man likes to talk about his craft, the power of music and the lives and tribulations of the characters in his songs. A full-length feature with Springsteen performing and dissecting his latest album? That sound you just heard is a million baby boomers (and me) rushing to Fandango to buy tickets.

Western Stars will be Springsteen’s directorial debut. The man has been into performing in new ways lately. His Broadway show, Springsteen on Broadway, was a huge hit and a massive change for the artist. Directing a documentary is another step in a new direction but, like the Broadway show, feels right up Springsteen’s alley. The man carries his raw power and emotion into all he does, whether it be directing or performing in front of thousands or just a few hundreds. He is the personification of the desire to perform. Even at 69, he shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, he’s already talking about his next album and the tour that’ll follow. Will that be accompanied by a documentary too? Maybe a new Broadway play? Perhaps Bruce will experiment with playing on the moon or something. The guy just doesn’t stop. He’s a 69 and still going strong. Meanwhile, I get tired after smearing cream cheese on my bagel.