The Official ‘Bond 25’ Title Suggests 007 Has a Busy Schedule

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Despite all the problems the film has been facing, Bond 25 is steamrolling forward. Daniel Craig is returning, Cary Fukunaga is directing, Rami Malek is playing the villain. Things are coming along, alright? Forget the stories of on-set injuries and spats. Bond 25 is a real, live movie.

A real, live movie with an actual title. It’s been revealed today that Bond 25 will officially be known as No Time To Die, which is honestly a pretty sweet title. At the same time, it suggests that James Bond needs to lighten his load a bit. He’s so jam-packed with things to do that he doesn’t even have enough time in his day to die? It’s a sad life when you can’t even squeeze your own demise into the agenda. You need to take a breather, James. Self-care is important.

No Time To Die is definitely one of the best titles for a Bond film. It sounds dangerous, violent, dramatic — all the things that makes James Bond James Bond. I much prefer this title to Spectre of even Skyfall. You don’t need any knowledge of the series to dig this title.

There is a lot that remains to be seen about No Time To Die: will Craig go out with a bang? Will Malek make a suitably creepy villain? Will James Bond learn better time management so he doesn’t miss out on important things like passing away? We will find out when No Time To Die hits theaters on April 8, 2020.