Disney+ Might Carry Classic ‘X-Men’ and ‘Spider-Man’ Cartoons and Now I’m Sold

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My lord, I sure did love those classic 1990s Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons. Sure, the animation style was crap but, boy, did those shows draw me in. They were the equivalent of child soap operas: overly dramatic, ever-evolving stories and were told over weeks and weeks. Plus these shows included so many characters from the comics, they really packed a lot in.

Sadly it’s been harder and harder to watch the series as the years have gone on. I remember them popping up for awhile on certain streaming sites but then they were relegated behind pay walls and became harder to find. But it sounds like Disney might be making access to these shows much, much easier.

Disney+ actually debuted today in the Netherlands, allowing Disney to run a pilot program of the service before it officially launches in November. Those lucky Dutch bastards are able to enjoy all the goods that Disney+ will provide and because of this launch, eager fans worldwide are getting a taste of what’s ahead. And apparently Disney+ has those classic Marvel cartoon shows on tap. And why wouldn’t they? Now that Disney owns Marvel and Fox, they’re going to be making profit on every property available.

Collider has the evidence of these shows appearing on the streaming service, including the tweets below that prove X-Men, Spider-Man and other Marvel toons are ready to be watched on Disney+.

My goodness, it sounds like a binge-a-thon of these shows is in order once Disney+ launches stateside in November. I could literally spends days watching these shows again. Sure, they won’t be as good as I remember but that sure as hell won’t stop me.

Fair warning: this could all change for the US version of Disney+ but I have to imagine that Disney will have at least some of these shows available in the states. It would be such a huge missed opportunity if they didn’t. We’ll find out for sure in a few months once us greedy capitalist Americans get our paws on Disney+. Until then we can just wait with anticipation for this lovely walk down animated memory lane.