America’s Dad Tom Hanks Smiles at You in New ‘a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ Poster

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What we have below is the new poster for A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, the Mr. Rogers drama starring Tom Hanks as the television legend. Take a good look below at what will surely be hanging on every college dorm room wall this year.

The poster is literally just Hanks as Rogers, smiling slightly and giving a warm, inviting tone. And really that’s all you need, right? Hanks alone is enough to get asses in seats but Hanks as Mr. Rogers? It’s like a delicious ice cream sundae covered in the most perfect chocolate sauce. We don’t need more than the image above.

Am I the only one a little weirded out by seeing Hanks in old age make-up? I’m uncomfortable with my own mortality but I’m sure as hell uncomfortable with the thought of Tom Hanks getting old. I know he still acts young, spry, full of life. But he’s one of those few icons (Spielberg and Stephen King also come to mind) who you just can’t imagine leaving us. Seeing him aged is discomforting to say the least. It’s bringing up some serious emotions. As if this movie wasn’t going to make you cry enough.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood hits theaters on November 22.