‘The War of the Worlds’ Trailer: The BBC Takes the Classic Back to Its Roots

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Above is a trailer for the BBC’s TV adaptation of H.G. Wells’s War of the Worlds. Upon watching the trailer you’ll notice that the mini-series is actually set during the period in which the book was written. We aren’t getting any of this modern day nonsense from the BBC. No sir, they’re going back to the source with this one.

It’s about time the British take another swing at this story since Wells himself was English. Plus War of the Worlds is actually quite timeless. Though the story takes place a century ago, the plot is something that can be terrifying yesterday, today or tomorrow. It’s also something that I find endlessly adaptable. Like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, every generation has classic and new reasons to be afraid of War of the Worlds. I don’t care what year you’re watching this in or what year it takes place in, the image of an alien tripod rising above horrified humans with the intent to annihilate them all is just always going to be scary.

But setting this series in its proper time period is a nice touch and it will be exciting to see the story unfold in the way that Wells envisioned. The adaptation stars Rafe Spall, Eleanor Tomlinson, Rupert Graves and Robert Carlyle. Based on the footage above, all of them will get quite the work-out in as they race for their lives.

This adaptation shouldn’t be confused with the OTHER War of the Worlds coming from England in the near future. That other take, starring Gabriel Byrne, takes place in a modern-day Britain. Man, these dueling adaptations are going to confuse some DVRs.

Anyway, this War of the Worlds will be debuting on BBC One this Fall. Let’s hope it makes its way to the states shortly thereafter.