Lost in Transmission the Series: Episode 1

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Based on the original articles by Nick Peron! Feast your eyes on Lost in Transmission: The Series, where we ruin your childhood one piece at a time. This time we rip apart the first episode of the Transformers. Is the Cybertronian Energy Crisis a hoax? Megatron and Starscream: Will they or won't they? Does Thundercracker have a disability? The answers to all this and more!

Friday the 13th's Got a Legal Curse

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There's a legend round here. A writer credited, but not paid. A curse on Friday the 13th. A legal curse. Victor Miller’s curse. They say it was a work-for-hire, but he keeps coming back. Few have succeeded and were paid. Some have even tried to settle our of court. No lawyer can. People forget he's down court…waiting