Movie NewsMicah RobinsonComment abyss the music industry finds itself in these days and given the particularly dismal non-career she has in said industry, it’s really no surprise that Jessica Simpson is looking toward movies as her bread and butter. While lacking any demonstrable talent as an actress, she can stand around and look attractive with the best of them, and with the right type of non-demanding comedy and talented cast to shield her, that’s probably (and sadly) enough. Perhaps after her new flick, Blonde Ambition, craters miserably, she’ll go about finding such a flick because this one damn sure isn’t going to do her any favors.

On paper, sticking her in a countrified hybrid of Legally Blonde and The Devil Wears Prada isn’t that bad of an idea. Both are successful formula films that don’t need a star or even a gifted lesser known to work. As long as you pepper the cast with comic stalwarts, they can do the heavy lifting while your vacant starlet tries her damnedest to just avoid looking straight into the camera. Here, however, Simpson’s co-conspirators consist of the motley trio of Penelope Ann Miller, Rachel Leigh Cook, and Andy Dick, all of whom are one late mortgage payment away from a stint on The Surreal Life: Fame Games. Worst of all, her love interest here is Luke Wilson, whose track record in this genre (or any other genre, for that matter) is much like the zombie attack camerawork in 28 Weeks Later: Fucking shaky.

With that being said, go ahead and kill two minutes of your dull Monday morning by checking out the rather grainy steaming trailer right here. Did I say “steaming”? Yup. That sounds about right.