Movie NewsMicah RobinsonComment to make this more interesting, read the following paragraph in your head in the voice of the Movie Trailer Guy:

In 1977, we got The Kentucky Fried Movie, a movie consisting entirely of segments that were takeoffs from everything to commercials to every genre of movie imaginable. In 1987, we got Amazon Women on the Moon, which did much the same except with a number of directors doing different segments. In 1997, we got Con Air, which had nothing to do with the grab bag spoof paradigm, but was so terrible that in the interest of the nation’s healing, a 10-year moratorium was declared so that we’d be in a better space to receive the next pot luck spoof film. Now, in 2007, the time has arrived to begin this journey anew, and while you may think Grindhouse filled the slot with its fake trailers, one man decided that it just wasn’t enough.

Eli Roth…is…the director who wants to make yet another film full of spoof segments.

In a recent interview, Roth revealed that he wants to a film called Trailer Trash that is nothing but fake trailers because he had such an unholy blast making the trailer for Thanksgiving. While more than a few of you have expressed desire for that to be turned into a feature-length film, Roth realizes that it cheapens the trailer to have to have to pad out the “money shots” with actual characters, dialogue, and exposition. Why not just skip to the good bits?

But don’t get too excited yet. Although this could be done on a reasonable budget, he wants a big enough load of cash so that they can make the worlds of each trailer as real-looking as possible. And with Grindhouse doing an uncanny impression of The Hindenburg, that’s gotta be a tough sell. Granted, there are a number of directors who have the resources and will to do this with their own people and own money, but most of them already stepped up to the plate for Grindhouse. Still, those guys and others like FX wiz Greg Nicotero have all expressed interest, and so we’ll just have to see.