Movie NewsMicah RobinsonComment there’s one thing that grabs my attention more than a B-list actor starring in a film, it’s when a gaggle of them are in one film together. But there are gradients even amongst B-actors, and it’s only fair to make the distinction. For example, even though I would call them both B-actors, I wouldn’t necessarily equate Shannon Sossamon, who makes 2-3 films nobody cares about per year, with…say…Stephen Rea, who made 2-3 films nobody cares about in the time it took me to type this sentence. And to be fair, Rea still manages to poke his head up in small roles in theatrical films like V for Vendetta and The Reaping. Nor would I equate Shannon with…say…Christopher Lee, who while a quintessential B-actor, has recently played great baddies in two of the hugest theatrical trilogies ever. Maybe it’s not even fair to compare her with Vinnie Jones, for whom signing up for movies is an autonomic response much like taking his next breath. But we can all agree that they're all superior to the Asian guy to Jones' left in the photo above, no?

The point of all of this rambling, of course, is to announce that this motley crew will be together for the first time for a film (As opposed to when they were together for the first time at all, which was that bitchin' shindig at Billy Zane's villa. Oh, if the Rohypnol could talk...). It’s a UK movie from Parkland Pictures called The Heavy, and like most UK crime pictures, it involves a mob and a whole lot of hurting and double-crossing. In the film, Rea will play a boss with a henchman greatly indebted to him. He forces the henchman to settle up by taking out his own brother, a bothersome politician. Things get sticky however when the henchman gets involved with a student (Sossamon) whose flat he’s going to use for the crime. Complicating matters further is a corrupt 5-0 (Jones) hot on his trail. Complicating matters even further is the powerful wizard (Lee) he must journey to defeat whilst juggling all of this other stuff. One of these sentences is not like the other.

Lee actually is in the film, but his role is unspecified for now.