Movie NewsMicah RobinsonComment guess Bruckheimer and Disney were working overtime to finish Pirates 3 (After watching the unending FX credits list last night waiting for the final easter egg, I suspected that any carbon-based lifeform that could tap a mouse button every 5 minutes on a Mac as it rendered scenes was drafted into the service of that film), and so when it came time to get a teaser trailer together for National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets to play before Pirates, the few receptionists left available to work had no choice but to bust out the trusty Trailer template in Windows Movie Maker on their desktops, and thus we get…this.

It’s technically a teaser in that watching it actually gives you no more information than merely knowing that the film exists. But as far as teasing you with any sort of intriguing twists or content…fuhgeddaboudit. You get Nicolas Cage narration and a bunch of graphics, followed by quick flashes of everybody returning plus new baddie Ed Harris and Helen Mirren (Excluding the “Academy Award Winner” tag here was a condition of her contract, I’d imagine). While the original’s fans weren’t exactly rabid for more, the film was well-received, and it certainly filled a family-friendly adult adventure lane that had lain dormant for some time. Being the only choice there means big dollars which means obligatory sequel which means Cage treating the scenery like craft services.

Yahoo’s got all of the goods right here.