Movie NewsMicah RobinsonComment’s taxing to love Anna Faris. I don’t mean personally, although I’m sure if I met her, something would occur that would eventually result in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department getting involved. So, yeah, personally too. But I’m talking about the dame’s career. Ever since I saw her in the first Scary Movie, I’ve been equally impressed and smitten with her powerful combo of zaniness and hotness, and since then, it’s gotten worse. Both my obsession and her career.

While she’s been able to land tiny parts in good flicks (Brokeback Mountain, Lost in Translation), her most visible work has come from astoundingly unfunny comedies like Just Friends, The Hot Chick, and the rest of the Scary Movie films, making it harder to take this talented comedienne….errr, seriously. And today’s news just adds to the hate. She’s just signed to star in the newest Happy Madison flick, which is still untitled. In it, she’d play an ex-Playboy Bunny who, for whatever reason, moves into a lame sorority’s house on a college campus to help turn the girls’ lives around and make them popular. Sigh. I suppose this whole Paris Hilton jail debacle just happened too late for them to use that, but I’m sure the screenwriters (the same pair of ladies behind Legally Blonde) can, and will, crank out a sequel script on demand.

This would mark the second directorial effort for Happy Madison mainstay writer Fred Wolf, whose debut, the Steve Zahn/Harry Hamlin/Joe Don Baker/Krista Allen stoner comedy Strange Wilderness, has been floating in the wilde…let’s just say, it’s been looking for Fox to release it for some time. Obviously, with these ingredients in place, we’re talking big, big failure. But Faris has bills to pay, and this is her first real non-Scary Movie starring role, so I understand. But a man has limits, Anna. A man has limits.