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Kinnear. Anniston. Boxed.--You can stop wringing your hands over the rounding out of casting for the upcoming Universal comedy Baby Mama. In a bold choice, smiley everyman Greg Kinnear has been cast as the male lead opposite female lead Tina Fey, while ER doc and The Claw proponent Maura Tierney has been added as Fey's sister in the story about a career gal who wants a poopy, slobbery fun of a kid but wants to keep the whole job thing going as well. Easy solution- carry the kid and ditch it to a surrogate (to be played by Amy Poehler). Michael "I co-wrote the last two Austin Powers movies" McCullers is writing and directing, while genius SNL figurehead and mostly crap movie producer Lorne Michaels will be, well, producing.

--Some might remember Jennifer Aniston from the tabloid hits Brad and Jennifer Get Married or The Breakup 2: Making babies with Angelina is More Fun. While her personal life has overshadowed anything she's done since her great performance in The Good Girl (or maybe that's thanks to choices like Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly?), Jennifer continues to keep on keepin' on. Anniston is producing and potentially starring in Goree Girls, a women in prison story less about sweaty voyeurism and girl on girl violence/love and more about the true story of a group of 1940s convicts who form up a country western band (who were eventually pardoned). Goree Girls will be distributed by Dreamworks.