The Drew Reviews Podcast Has Moved!

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Hey, Loyal Listeners! We've got a big announcement. Our new website,, will now serve as our home on the web! And just like you've seen here on CHUD, we'll have new episodes of the show published every Sunday.

CHUD has been a great home, but it's time to move.

This podcast has been a dream come true for Travis and me, and we owe an enormous amount of our success to Nick Nunziata and CHUD. Travis and I grew up reading CHUD and it is a formative part of our love of movies. We were lucky enough to be able to write for CHUD and publish our podcast here. We've formed a solid audience that could allow us to grow our show into something even bigger and better. None of that would be possible if it wasn't for Nick and CHUD, and we want to show them both our love and appreciation.

The future of CHUD is uncertain, but Nick is building something really cool.

The biggest reason we're moving to our own site is that we just don't know a whole lot about the future of CHUD. Nick has been unbelievably cool about letting us have this platform, but we have no ownership or control over CHUD in any substantial way. We figured it was best to carve out our own corner of the internet where we can have more flexibility. What will happen to CHUD? We don't know. But if you're a Chewer or fan of Nick Nunziata, you should know that Nick has a new project in the works. It's called Trouble City. If you want more info, it's best to check out this message board thread. Trouble City won't be a new CHUD — it's something fresher. That's what we hope to accomplish with, too.

We're up and running, with comments and all!

Travis has done his absolute best to make our new site a place you want to visit. Our discussions and communication with our audience are incredibly important to us, so Travis created posts for every episode of the show that you can comment on just like you do here at CHUD. We LOVE all the comments and conversations that our episodes spawn, and we really hope you will continue that over at So go back and comment on our back catalog! We've also been going back and improving the audio quality of some of our early episodes, so please check 'em out.

It won't stop at podcast episodes. We're planning fun new content, too! won't just be a home for our podcast. We plan to have written articles (including some by friends of the show!) and video content like our Autocomplete Reviews. We even have a project in the works that would resurrect a fun CHUD column in a more interactive way. We're really, really excited.

We need you.

And we need to thank you. Yes, you! This podcast has grown because of your listenership, your comments, your criticisms, and your enjoyment of our show. If it wasn't for you, there would be no Drew Reviews. We are so humbled to have any kind of an audience. It's a bonus that our audience is smart, engaged, and honest with us. We value that more than you'll ever know. We hope that with your help, we can continue to grow into the podcast you deserve.

That means we need you to get the show out there! Share the show on all your social media platforms, make your friends listen to it when you drive cross country, hack your intercom at work or school so that it plays nothing but The Drew Reviews. We'll take it! We'll post all the relevant links at the bottom of this, and all of that info will be available at Help us spread the fun!

It's been an amazing ride so far. We're looking forward to the future and having you along for this incredible journey. Thanks again, Chewers. We'll see you over at The Drew Reviews!

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