Genesis P-Orridge to be featured in new Aurora Alien Encounter Film

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Artist and performer Genesis P-Orridge recently spoke on her newest film work for the upcoming Thomas Negovan production AURORA. Many know her from years of work with pioneer experimental music groups Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, and now she will be lending her voice to a new movie adaptation of America's first alien encounter.


From Gen:

A very SPECIAL BEING called THOMAS NEGOVAN entered the lives of Psychic TV and the OTTT a few years back.

We spent an wonder filled few hours at his place, at that time, in Chicago exploring weird amazing instruments, Victorian decadent "satanic" monsters, wax cylinder players of early sound recordings. He even recorded Jeff Berner, Alice Genese and myself on a working ancient cylinder recorder saying or playing. Truly an evening to never forget.

Ever since we have stayed touching.

Thomas needed a voice for a key "ALIEN" character and had thought of my voice. But...and here is where Thomas Negovan goes that gifted stretch further every time...he wanted the voice of the Alien to be unrecognizable. To SOUND as uncomfortable, as difficult to speak, as impossible to imagine the meaning of...AND he wanted the person who created this voice to be a distinct unique sound but yet gibberish to a human ear...Thomas thought of me.

He needed me to not only perform in the persona of an Alien but to write what the Alien might mean. My only instruction as to content, and characterization of the voice i.e. angry, confused, baffled, formal etc was to choose the mood and what the Alien was motivated about all on my own. Likewise how we delivered the speech was mine to create and the subject within my speaking was also mine to invent. We looked through a bundle of writings and notes we often travel with for turning into songs, poems or essays and saw a piece that fitted the mood Thomas wanted.

We recorded my voice live in an AirB&B in Downtown L.A...It has since been cut up and processed and now resides in this unusual, bizarre movie. Please help this KICKSTARTER succeed if you possibly can.

We really want to hear what was done with my "Alien" voice, AND see the entire mysterious film grimoire...

Thomas Negovan is part of the Century Guild family that includes Clive Barker and Begotten director E. Elias Merhige. AURORA is currently in its final stages of production and a Kickstarter campaign is currently live to help fund completion and distribution. There are quite a few great backer rewards being offered for this project, and supporters have plenty of opportunities here to get exclusive artwork from the likes of Dave McKean and BROM.

I remember when I was a kid watching the old sci-fi western film The Aurora Encounter and I definitely want to see what this version brings to the table in telling that story. What happened in Aurora, Texas at the end of the 19th century isn't widely known, but it definitely is an interesting tale of the first extraterrestrial contact ever documented in the states. I love the fact that Genesis P-Orridge voices the alien and I can't wait to see this one get funded. Check out the link below for more info and get involved if you dig it as much as I do.