Sonic The Hedgehog is Finally (?) Getting a Movie

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Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog. He's a...hedgehog who...runs fast. And I guess that's about it. Somehow this little blue bugger has been around the video game world for decades now. His games haven't all been good, in fact there have been more bad than good ones. But he's still part of the cultural consciousness and is apparently getting a movie.

Paramount is developing a Sonic movie with director Jeff Fowler. Fowler, best known for his Oscar-nominated short Gopher Break, works closely with Deadpool director Tim Miller who will produce the Sonic film. The movie is being billed as mix of live-action and CGI. I'm hoping Sonic is live-action. Just a real hedgehog spray-painted blue with a bunch of slick CGI animation surrounding him.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those pop culture icon who hasn't really done much. His games have mostly been ho-hum, his television show was rough (despite a bad ass theme song) and he hasn't been that relevant since the mid-90s. Yet here we are with a movie on its way. This news, paired with an actually well-received game that just came out, suggest that maybe Sonic is getting a second life. That's good news for the dwindling amount of Sonic fans and also good news for connoisseur of the bizarre fan art that Sonic has spawned. I've posted some below. Enjoy and I'm sorry.