The new 'Justice League' Trailer Will Make You Feel...Hopeful?

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There's something interesting going on with this new Justice League trailer. Give it a gander and we will talk about it afterwards.

See what they did there? Justice League doesn't feel as grimdark or heavy as you'd expect. In fact, unlike Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and multiple Batman films before it, Justice League seems kind

Color me surprised because we were all expecting another suffocatingly dark Zack Snyder affair. But watching Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman riff on each other, this feels refreshingly different. It's as if Snyder (and, to a lesser extent, Joss Whedon) listened to the plea of fans and created something that has a bit more life, humor and cheerful energy in it. That's not to say this thing won't be dark, it'll definitely be dark. But it doesn't feel like a parody of itself like Batman V Superman did. Thank God.

The one-liners, the action, the music choice - everything in this trailer feels like a strong indication that it's not its predecessors.

Now, don't count this film's mediocrity out yet. There is a damn good chance that it ends up being as much of a bore as BvS was. But we're pretty hopeful. There are more chuckles, smiles and goosebumps in this trailer than in the entire run time of Snyder's previous DC films. 

Obviously we have Wonder Woman to thank for this change of tone. WW was so radically different than the WB/DC films that came before it and audience absolutely loved it. If Justice League is indeed a course correction then we need to bow down and kiss the ground Patty Jenkins walks on.

Justice League crashes into theaters on November 17th.

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