Splatterhouse Is Your Reason to Buy a Switch

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I just spent all weekend beating the shit out of monsters. Splatterhouse is on the Switch now completely uncensored, and it's the best thing to happen to Nintendo in a very long time.

Splatterhouse is one of those games that always seemed just out of reach for me. When I was a kid, talk of the game lit up the playground just as much as a Jason or Freddy movie. Kids would hush each other when it was brought up so the adults wouldn't hear, making it seem like the game was the ultimate taboo.

I grew up with fairly conventional censorship in what I could watch, read & play. Occasionally I would sneak a Friday the 13th movie when the house was quiet, but for the most part I had to find my horror fix via friends & extended family. Splatterhouse never showed up in anybody else's library, so it was never even an option.

Now we have the Nintendo Switch changing things up. Thanks to the Namco Museum, the original arcade port of 1988's Splatterhouse is available to download and play. It's glorious.

I almost grabbed Splatterhouse 3 for Sega Genesis, but blew my opportunity before I could go back to the store and claim it. That was a bummer, but honestly I don't care now. Splatterhouse on the Switch is so damn good that I almost don't even give a shit about the rest of the series.

With a pro controller & the image maximized to fit the screen, playing the game is a treat worth giving up an entire weekend. Controls are tight and the graphics shine making this the best experience possible to play the original classic. If you have a Switch, get it off the digital store now. If not, grab a console if you're serious about it. The game is worth all the effort.