This Poster for 'The First Purge' May End Up Being Better than 'The First Purge'

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Who would have thought that scrappy little horror film The Purge would spin off into a successful franchise that hasn't run out of steam after three installments? Sure enough, a fourth Purge is coming this summer. This time it's a prequel about the very first Purge Night. For those not in the know, Purge Night is when all of America goes lawless for 12 hours. Murder people! Steal money! Cross the street when the little man is blinking! Nothing is off limits on Purge Night.

The First Purge just released its first poster and its pointedly political and satirical. It's a pretty brilliant jab at the modern state of America and is sure to piss off a few in the #MAGA crowd. But if any film series can serve as a warning about the vitriol flowing in our nations veins it's The Purge movies. My hope is that The First Purge really leans into that and actually tries to say something important. Piss some people off, Purge!

An announcement teaser for the film was also released and you can watch that below. It perfectly captures the essence of those over-the-top jingoistic political ads we are forced to endure every election year. It's really well done and makes me even more hopeful that The First Purge will try to say something substantial this Independence Day.