...A Killer What? - Day 11

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Bad Milo (2013)

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A Killer What?

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A murderous polyp that represents all the stress, anger, and anxiety of its host.

Is It Any Good?

It’s okay. Bad Milo is basically just a darker more horror oriented version of Office Space which is less of a workplace comedy and more of a family drama. Ken Marino plays a man who finds out he has a massive polyp in his colon. He’s dealing with anxiety from his job where his boss (Patrick Warburton) has put him in charge of massive layoffs despite the fact that he’s an accountant, his wife (Gillian Jacobs) and his mother (Mary Kay Place) are pressuring him to have a baby which feeds into his abandonment issues with his own father (Steven Root).

All this emotional distress manifests when a little goblin thing that looks like the baby from Dinosaurs crawls out of his ass and begins brutally murdering people that cause him emotional strife. If he kills the monster (which he names Milo) then he’ll essentially kill a part of himself and become a soulless shell of a human being so he needs to bond with the monster so it will return to its home in his large intestine.

The whole thing sounds like a Frank Hennenlotter movie but it’s pretty low on sleaze and both the acting and production quality are far better. Ken Marino lends a certain Adam McKay/Daivd Wain quality to the movie that’s backed up by Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, and Kumail Nanjiani. But the movie isn’t especially funny (the best bits all involve Peter Stormare as Ken Marino’s psychiatrist), more of a drama/horror with comedic overtones. It’s enjoyable but never feels like more than a very well-made direct-to-video horror comedy along the lines of He Never Died.

Watch, Toss, or Die?

Give it a watch.