Peter Jackson May Take on a DC Movie or...More Lord of the Rings

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Peter Jackson loves J.R.R. Tolkien. You may enjoy his books, you may devour The Silmarillion like a fiend but you still don't come even remotely close to Jackson's love of Tolkien. He's already given us the greatest movie trilogy of all time (sorry, The Hangover) and the okaaaaaaaaay Hobbit trilogy, and he wasn't even originally going to direct the latter. But like The One Ring to Rule Them All, it sounds like Middle-earth may be luring Jackson back once again. is reporting that Jackson is trying to decide his next move and the two options currently on the table are a superhero film with DC or more Lord of the Rings. Now, don't get too excited: TheOneRing says he would likely be only producing or writing on Amazon's upcoming stupidly epic LOTR series. He wouldn't be directing more big screen adventures of hobbits, dwarves and stoned wizards. To be fair, if Amazon is serious about this LOTR show (and the money behind it says they very much are) they would be smart to try and get Jackson into the mix. He is the filmmaker when it comes to Tolkien. Hell, he might even know Middle-earth better than Tolkien himself. As a LOTR fan, I'd rather they stake out in a different direction and try something that feels unique and isn't just a continuation of what Jackson created but, hey, that's just me.

When it comes to DC, your guess is as good as mine. We don't have any idea of which character Jackson could tackle but honestly he should be able to take his pick. The DC cinematic universe is such a mess and needs a strong visionary to set it right. You can imagine Jackson creating an iconic and especially not grimdark version of just about any DC icon. In fact, a Jackson Superman movie sounds downright fantastic. Between DC and more LOTR, DC is the far more exciting choice.

Of course all of this may be bunk and maybe Peter Jackson goes in a vastly different direction. Personally I'd love for him to get back to his horror roots and create something bizarre, funny and awfully gross. But it seems like that part of his career is behind him. Hey, Peter, make a horror movie with Hobbits if it makes you more comfortable.