Joe Pesci Leaves Retirement for a Google Ad

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I miss Joe Pesci. I miss Gene Hackman too. And Sean Connery. And Teri Garr. I miss a lot of actors who have retired but I also respect them for bowing out gracefully and sticking to their guns about avoiding the limelight. Still, I often wish I could get them back, even for a few seconds. 

Or how about a whole minute? That’s how long Joe Pesci’s brand new Google ad is. That’s right, Oscar winner Joe Pesci is in a new commercial, watching another commercial. I won’t get into the specifics because it’s only a minute long and totally worth your time. It’s cute, it’s simple, it plays on my nostalgia. The only thing the ad doesn’t do is make me want to buy a Google Assistant. Those things are just creepy. 

Watch the commercial below and think back on your favorite Pesci performances. Now I’m wondering if we will get any other  Home Alone- influenced ads. If Pesci has come forward, can Daniel Stern be far behind?