Jason Reitman Nabs Finn Wolfhard and Carrie Coon for His ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel

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We have Ghostbusters casting news! And with it comes Ghostbusters story news too.

Variety reports  Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard is in talks to star in the much-discussed sequel from Jason Reitman. Wolfhard isn’t a necessarily surprising choice for the film since he suited up in Ghostbusters costume for an episode of Stranger Things, a show that is heavily influenced by the original 80’s films. In fact when this new Ghostbusters sequel was announced, many people online suggested that Wolfhard should star. It’s like he’s born to be in this film. Ironically, rumors say Reitman and executives were a bit hesitant about Wolfhard because of the similarities between Stranger Things and Ghostbusters but apparently Wolfhard blew them all away with his auditions. Atta boy, Finn.

Variety also says Wolfhard will be joined by Carrie Coon, who is being eyed to star as Wolfhard’s mother in the film. In our first bit of storyline news, sources say the plot revolves around a single mother and her son. This casting news lines up with that.

So now the hotly-debated Ghostbusters sequel starts to come together. We are seeing the beginnings of a cast and some hints of a story. Honestly, it doesn’t sound half bad. It’s hard to have an untainted opinion on this movie because of all the baggage surrounding it. But let’s be honest, this is a pretty decent start to the cast. And obviously more names will be announced soon and more story will leak as well. My cautious optimism for Ghostbusters grows. 

Also, how bad ass is the last name Wolfhard? I mean seriously. I wish my last name was Wolfhard. Hell, I’d even go for Coyotehard or Turtlehard.