Don’t Worry, the ‘Mad About You’ Revival Is Coming

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I know you’ve been up late at night, worrying and pulling your hair out. When, you ask yourself. When will the Mad About You revival grace my TV screen? I need to know what happened to the Buchmans and their daughter and their neighbors and that little dog they owned!

...Didn’t they own a little dog? Am I think of Frasier instead? Wait, wasn’t Phoebe from Friends on Mad About You? Am I getting myself confused? Did I leave the oven on?

See, it’s like I can read your mind! Well, fret no longer, Dear Readers. The Mad About You revival is happening and it’s found a new home. And I do mean new. Deadline says the Paul Reiser/Helen Hunt sitcom will make its re-debut on Charter Communications’s premium platform, Spectrum Originals. I don’t know what Spectrum Originals is, you don’t know what Spectrum Originals is. If I had to wager a guess, I would say it’s a network angling to be the next TV Land? Maybe a network that aims to capitalize on baby boomer nostalgia? Whatever it is, it’s making a firm commitment to Mad About You because it has given the reboot a limited series order for late 2019.

Hunt and Reiser are returning, of course. That’s not a big surprise considering they have been talking about a reboot/revival for a couple years now, ever since practically every other sitcom from the 90s got a reboot. Hunt herself will even direct the debut episode so she’s obviously very excited. 

This raises the question: which sitcom from the 90s won’t get a reboot? I’m sincerely wracking my brain to figure out which show needs the reboot treatment. Obviously you have the heavy hitters like Cheers and Friends but those will never happen. With Roseanne (ugh) and Will & Grace, Murphy Brown and The X-Files doing okay to very well with ratings, you can bet networks want more reboots. But I’m having a hard time coming up with more possible contenders. Has the well run dry or am I just missing a bunch of possibilities?