Mike Myers Wants to Make You Laugh Again

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There was a time when Mike Myers was the biggest name in comedy. It’s hard to remember now because it was twenty damn years ago but the Austin Powers movies were massive. And I’m not talking flash-in-the-pan massive. Those films were unparalleled in terms of comedy at the time. People just couldn’t stop watching them! And quoting them. My God, remember when people used to quote Austin Powers all the damn time? I have vivid memories of being in middle school and hearing my peers repeatedly ask girls if they made them “horny baby. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah.”

I’m so glad we have moved on as a society. 

Anyway, Myers was the most prominent voice in comedy for a hot second but then he seemingly chose to reel things in a bit. He’s been seen several times since, most notably in Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds  and Bohemian Rhapsody but those were smaller, dramatic roles. Now the SNL star is coming back via Netflix and he is intent on being the silly-voiced, prosthetic-covered funny man the world knew and loved. 

Variety says Myers has signed a deal for a six-episode series on Netflix. The show will feature Myers doing what he was best known for: playing multiple larger-than-life characters. How much do you want to bet that one of them will be an old man with a Scottish accent? 

Though I was never a huge fan of Myers, this is exciting news if for nostalgia alone. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Myers suit up as ridiculous characters (because none of us watched The Gong Show revival) so having him back in his element will be a taste of the late 90s/early 00s. It’ll be fascinating to see how Myers’s brand of comedy translates to the current comedy world. Do people miss Mike Myers? Will his type of funny make a splash with modern audiences? Should we expect the worst or refuse to count him out? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Myers pulled a James Cameron-like move and was hugely successful after being written off because of his long absence. If I know one thing it’s that people love funny character voices and fat suits. Do your thing, Mike.