'The Art of Racing in the Rain' Trailer: Prepare to Cry

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Another day, another movie featuring the voice of Kevin Costner as a dog owned by a Formula One race car driver. Gosh, Hollywood really is out of ideas huh?

The trailer above is our first look at The Art of Racing in the Rain, based on the popular novel from Garth Stein. I never read the book but it seems everyone who did sobbed their damn eyes out so I need to warn everyone that it’s going to be one of those movies. I don’t want to spoil or assume anything but the movie is about the bond between a man and dog and, well, you know how those usually go.

Rain is about Enzo the dog as he grows up and watches his owner become a successful Formula One driver. But like all people, Enzo’s human experiences the highs and lows of life. From what I’ve heard, the book gets quite heavy and dark. The trailer suggests the movie will as well.

The casting here is bizarre but also a bit inspired. Never in a million years would I picture any dog’s voice sounding like Kevin Costner. And why does his voice sound the same as a puppy and a grown canine? Can you imagine sounding like Costner even as a baby? That man’s voice is like a beat up leather baseball glove.

Regardless, the movie looks like it’ll be a charming, heart-warming and ultimately heart-breaking good time. The trailer is advertising that it’s made by the same studio who brought us Marley & Me, another film that had people sobbing uncontrollably. We all need to mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves before heading into theaters for this one. You’re going to be feeling a lot.