Christopher Nolan Is Finally Making a Spy Movie

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Christopher Nolan has seemingly done it all: he’s directed the best superhero films of all time, space epics, mind-bending sci-fis and detective stories. But there is one big missing piece in his storied filmography: he’s never made a spy film. He’s been on record saying he’s wanted to but the opportunity has never presented itself.

Well, I now present you with the opportunity.

We are finally learning more about Nolan’s next film. The movie is titled Tenet and will star Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh, Clémence Poésy, Dimple Kapadia and Michael Caine (welcome back to a Nolan movie, Mr. Caine!) They’ll star alongside the already announced John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki and possible Batman Robert Pattinson.

So the cast is coming together and it’s unsurprisingly terrific. And the plot? Variety has got some clues about that too. Sources say the movie will be “an action epic evolving from the world of international espionage.” Ah, that sounds like music to my ears. After all this time, Nolan is finally making his cinematic dream come true.


I’m getting giddy here, folks. What will a Chris Nolan spy picture be like? It’ll be steely, cold, intense, possibly confusing and deeply layered. It’ll be all the things we expect from Nolan. To be honest, it sounds a bit intimidating. Nolan is a director who doesn’t hold audiences’ hands. In fact, it sometimes feels like he actively TRIES to make it difficult to keep up with his plots and characters. A spy movie from him will not be for the lazy. You’ll probably have to keep notes while watching.

This is all very exciting. The man has yet to make a bad movie. Sure, some of his work isn’t as strong as, say, Inception or The Dark Knight but a Christopher Nolan production is always, always, ALWAYS worth your time. To know that he is finally conquering a genre that he’s adored since childhood makes me excited to see what he can cook up.