The First Trailer for 'It Chapter Two' Is Scarier Than Most Movies

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There’s much I want to say about this fantastic first trailer for It Chapter Two but it’s so good and so damn creepy that I don’t want you to wait any longer. Go, watch, now!

I knew I hated old people for a reason!

Now THAT is a teaser trailer. Light on any plot, light on any spoilers, light on almost anything. Hell, we only see Pennywise a couple of times in the trailer and he’s one of the most iconic horror movie characters of the last thirty years.

Director Andy Muschietti it trying to let audiences know that he is not taking it easy with Chapter Two. This movie will be just as scary — if not scarier — than its predecessor. He has promised that he is ratcheting up the fright factor big time for this movie and this first teaser promises he isn’t lying. Gosh, just thinking of that naked old lady darting across the darkened doorway is giving me goosebumps. What a terrific little teaser.

It Chapter Two will terrify all of us when it hits theaters on September 6th. If the whole movie is as scary as this trailer then I’m going to need to bring a damn Xanax.