Netflix Is Brewing up a ‘Cuphead’ Show

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The video game Cuphead was a much-talked-about success when it was released in 2017. The game, brought to life by Studio MDHR, was praised for its old-fashioned animated style and its terrifying difficulty level. It was remarkably different from any other game in the industry and fans flocked to it.

And now those same fans can flock to an animated series based on the game. THR has revealed that Netflix and King Features Syndicate are bringing the game to the small screen. The Cuphead Show! will follow the stories of Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they battle none other than the damn devil, after they make a deal with him during a gambling match. Yeah, this plot sounds odd to me too. Video games!

If the cartoon show is able to be even a sliver as successful as the game then Netflix will be raking in the dough. Cuphead was a runaway hit and sold over 4 million copies, along with winning multiple gaming awards. It became something of a cultural phenomenon because of how damn hard it is. Videos of players freaking out after dying in the game repeatedly quickly went viral as people learned just how tricky the game was. Obviously the difficulty of the game can’t be translated into the series but you can expect that this won’t be a typical cartoon series. It’ll have some sort of edge to it. I guess that’s not surprising considering the game revolves around people battling the devil.

This is just one of a couple video game adaptations that Netflix has in development. They’re also creating a Witcher TV series, based on the epic CD Projekt Red games. That series is being seen by Netflix as their answer to Game of Thrones. If both The Cuphead Show! and The Witcher are hits then you can assume Netflix will put more money into adapting even more games. While there have been only a few good video game movies, perhaps the TV medium will have more luck. Don’t forget we have a Myst and Halo series in the works currently so things are looking up for fans of video games!