Pleasing All 90s Horror Fans, Amazon Plans an ‘Event Horizon’ Series

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Amazon has been aiming to win the hearts of horror hounds lately. They just announced Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s horror-comedy series Truth Seekers, as well as a TV show adaptation of I Know What You Did Last Summer. They’re doubling down on investing in horror and that’s a smart choice because horror fans are a loyal bunch.

They’re also a forgivable bunch, as proven by Event Horizon, the schlocky 1997 horror film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. Is Event Horizon a good movie? No, no it’s not. But it’s still one that’s thought of fondly all these years later. I never enjoyed the movie but I can’t deny that it’s fascinatingly fun to watch and definitely a product of its time. It feels very, very 1990s. I mean that as a compliment and criticism.

Amazon sees some value in the property because it’s being reported that the streaming service is turning it into a TV series. The series will be produced and directed by Adam Wingard, the man behind You’re Next, The Guest, Blair Witch and the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong. I don’t have to tell you that Wingard is a talented dude and has already created films that tower over most of Paul W.S. Anderson’s work so it’s a great choice by Amazon.

Honestly, the concept behind Event Horizon is pretty great and devilishly simple. It’s a classic space horror about evil, black holes, hellish alternate dimensions and madness. It was restrained by its budget, weak script and Anderson’s direction but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have ample room to grow. A filmmaker like Wingard can definitely retain the creepy factor while adding a lot more talent. Turning it into a series is also doubly exciting because, like I’ve said multiple times before, there aren’t enough horror shows on TV. Amazon sees their opening and they’re taking it. Bravo, Amazon.

My one wish is that they somehow get Sam Neill to return. Everything is better with Sam Neill.