Joe Bob Briggs Is Back on Friday the 13th

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Joe Bob is back! Thanks to Shudder and the undying love of old MonsterVision fans, Joe Bob Briggs will be returning this upcoming Friday the 13th to host The Last Drive-In. It's 24 hours of horror and commentary from one of our old favorites.

MonsterVision was a genre staple back in the day. Watching Joe Bob dissect classic horror and genre films was like film school for hardcore b-movie buffs. The old show was always fun and The Last Drive-In looks to possibly recapture a little bit of that old magic.

Shudder can pretty much do no wrong at this point. Their slate of movies available to stream only gets better with each month, and from this trailer it looks like we'll be getting to see Basket Case, Tourist Trap and plenty more. Here's the official statement for the show, and make sure to get ready for Joe Bob on Friday the 13th:

At 9 p.m. Eastern time/6 p.m. Pacific on Friday the 13th of July, I will be hosting a unique binge-watching event—first of its kind on any streaming service—called The Last Drive-In, featuring 13 horror movies back-to-back-to-back-to-back. The Shudder streaming service is sponsoring this homage to the two shows I hosted in the eighties and nineties, Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater on The Movie Channel and MonsterVision on TNT. The event is being billed as a 24-hour marathon but will likely run to 26 or 27 hours based on the running times of the movies and the fact that we’re interrupting for commercial breaks (on a network that has no commercials—go figure).