Don Cheadle Probably Won’t Dunk in ‘Space Jam 2’

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You’d expect a lot of big-name NBA stars in Space Jam 2 but an Oscar nominee?! Now I’ve seen everything.

We have heard that Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard and other basketball all-stars would appear alongside LeBron James in the upcoming sequel. That all makes sense. But now we are hearing that none other than Don Cheadle is lining up to appear in the film as well. Obviously Don Cheadle is not a basketball superstar but he IS an acting superstar so this is another win for the movie.

No word on who Cheadle will play but maybe he’ll be LeBron’s manager. Maybe he’ll be a coach. Hell, maybe he’ll take the Bill Murray route and play himself! The bottom line is that this cast is filling out and, if everyone is as good as Cheadle, it’s filling out nicely. I still have my concerns about the movie, which I wrote of last week, but I can’t deny that I’m excited to see James and his Looney Tunes pals play some B-ball.

I am hoping Cheadle isn’t the only A-lister joining Space Jam 2. LeBron James has made no secret of his desire to become a major force in Hollywood during and after his NBA career. Drawing in big names and making solid connections with elite actors is a good way to lay the groundwork for his future in Tinseltown. Unlike Michael Jordan, LeBron has some acting chops and could actually become a respected actor after he hangs up his jersey. Drawing people like Don Cheadle into his projects is a damn good way to make sure that happens.

Now, let’s just hope LeBron can get along with well-known diva Bugs Bunny.