Say His Name All You Want but 'Beetlejuice 2' Isn't Happening

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We are big fans of Michael Keaton here at Trouble City. No, “big” isn’t a strong enough words. We are disgustingly massive, obsessive fans of Michael Keaton. There, that’s more like it. 

But even we weren’t sure about the long-gestating Beetlejuice 2. For one, it’s been so long since the original and the chances of lightning striking twice after all this time — even with the raw, unstoppable power of Keaton — seemed unlikely. Secondly, the movie was supposedly called Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian which sounds more like a Saved by the Bell TV movie rather than a comedy classic.

Fear no more hesitant Keatonites because Beetlejuice 2 is deader than a young married couple who drove off a bridge. Beetlejuice 2 is no longer happening and the news comes straight from director Tim Burton. USA Today talked with the Dumbo director who said this when asked about any sequel news: 

 “Nothing, nothing."

That’s pretty succinct. But is there  any chance that it’ll emerge from development hell?

 “I don’t know. I doubt it.”

Okay, that pretty much settles it. Tim Burton and our beloved Keaton are giving up on Beetlejuice 2. My apologies to the few people who were eager for this thing. But don’t lose all hope! This is Hollywood, after all. There’s a chance that another director and another star might pick up Beetlejuice 2 at some point in the near future. Obviously no one can top Keaton’s work in the original film and it would be foolish to try but that doesn’t mean they won’t! It wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood dove headfirst into a bad idea! 

While Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian did sound like a legitimately awful idea, I’m a little bummed that we won’t ever see Keaton suit up as Beetlejuice again. It’s one of his most iconic roles and a comedy performance for the ages. He may have aged decades since the first movie but if anyone can deliver the goods after years and years it’s Michael Keaton. 

All this talk of Beetlejuice makes me remember just how awesome the opening credits of the cartoon series was. Watch and reminisce!